Smart lock solity GP-3000BK

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• Various unlocking methods
1. Passwords (6~12 digits): Up to 10ea
2. RFID cards: Up to 100ea
3. Fingerprints: Up to 100ea
4. Mechanical keys: 2ea
• Super convenient by One One-step opened automatically
• Unique honeycomb handle surface
• Smart notifications on outdoor unit
• Internal and external double double-lock function
• FAKE Password input function
• Outdoor dimension: 80 x 399.4 x 56.5mm
Indoor dimension: 80 x 406.7 x 68.5mm
• Door thickness: 40~120mm
• Door backset 60mm with China standard lock size
• 3 types of alarms: Break Break-in, high temperature, and
unregistered password for 5 times, Anti Anti-pry alarm
• (Optional) Remote control function 447Mhz
• (Optional ) BLE will be applicable on May, 2022

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